Website development

If you are looking to build a new website from scratch or you already have a design, we are the right choice.

  • Custom website development

    We specialise in working with WordPress, however the front-end of the site is completely hand coded and we avoid using ready made themes that can be found online. With this approach there are no limitations and we can guarantee the best quality in both code and performance.

  • SEO setup & SEO friendly

    We always include the basic SEO set up, we do our best to create SEO friendly websites, by respecting the latest web standards.

  • Responsive Websites

    Who wants a clunky website today?.

  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Website performance
  • Quality of work
  • Website Accessibility (WCAG)

Front End development

We use finely crafted code to help your users understand your website and guide them though their journey. We craft user interfaces always with aesthetics and usability in mind.


We use HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP with optimized code paired with semantic markup, combined all these technologies allow the visitor to interact with your website.


We optimise each website for search engines like Google (search engine optimization – SEO). This is a crucial tool and will create the perfect conditions to climb each search engine ranking.


We create complete websites both Front-End and Back-End, or, if you wish, we can create static websites as needed.


Each project is unique and it comes with specific needs. We treat each project differently by ensuring the best results.


We will ensure that your website will look amazing on any device and screen resolution.


Selling online requires an excellent user experience to avoid annoying or worse, irritating the customer.


We will ensure the best experience for your users, hence an increase in profit for you.


We work with one of the biggest and popular platforms for E-commerce WooCommerce.


You will have a variety of plugins to help you achieve what you want from your website, and, if you need a bespoke functionality, we will be happy to create it for you.


We will customise WooCommerce accordingly to your design, in order for your users to have a seamless experience while exploring your shop.

Wordpress development

WordPress is an open-source content management system, initially used to create blogs.


WordPress offers the ability to create customised websites and functionalities, by providing us, all the tools needed straight out o the box.


You will have access to a website administration panel, where only you, can modify and make changes to your own website.


We do not use ready themes that can be found online and we try to avoid using hundred of plugins, all of this to ensure speed and full control upon your website.


With WordPress the possibilities are almost infinite, you name it, we build it.

Landing pages

If you are looking to increase your sales, a landing page is what you need.


Landing pages are created for this purpose, they contain specific text and links needed to increase sales of a particular product. Their layout is crafted to catch users attention and drive them straight to you.


Landing pages are also used for small businesses that does not require a full website. They can be also called a “One page website”, used to advertise the shop itself instead of a product.


If you like to write, a blog is what you need. With WordPress you will have a powerful tool to share your ideas and gain popularity by managing your own blog.


As we do for every project, we will create a custom theme for your blog based on your requests and feedback. We will also ensure that your blog will be safe and optimised for social sharing by integrating your blog with each social network.


By integrating your blog with social networks every time you share a post on Facebook or Twitter, your audience will see a good looking card with all the necessary info.


A web portal is required if you want to offer log in/registration to your users and you want to make them able to interact with the portal itself or, with each other.


Portals are often used as community websites, like a university website, where students can register, book exams and pay fees. Or if we look at the romantic part, you can also build a dating website and offer services to your users based on a subscription plan.


WebTailor creates unique portals and can even create a custom user system, based on WordPress for best user experience.

Data entry

Do you want a website but you have no time to manage it?


We got you covered, If you wish to have someone manage your website for you, or you just want to populate it with content, images and any other sort of data, before going live, we will be happy to do it for you.


We will also transfer all your content from a previous website to your shiny new one on request.


After the big day we offer full support to our clients, if you manage to find a bug, or any other visual error, we will fix it straight away.


We consider our clients to be our collaborators and we like to keep this relationship.


This is why we offer full support for 4 months after the initial release, in order to be always ready to help you if something goes wrong.


Once your free support has ended you can always buy hours from us in order to make changes to your website, or you can buy an annual subscription that will cover anything related to bug fixing and minor changes.

Wanna get to work?

Drop us a line with your requirements and what you expect from your website, we will read carefully your requests and we will contact you back.