WebTailor who?

We worked many years in agencies and companies developing our skills but we always strived for more, this is why WebTailor has born. We master the occult art of “MAKING WEBSITES”. There’s no joke, try to explain to your grandma our job, we dare you!

WebTailor was founded to finally escape the loop of working with agencies that care more about money than the work done. We firmly believe that every website has to be built “WITH” the client, not “FOR” the client.

We will guide you through making the best choices for your business, starting from the UI or “What your customer will see”, finishing to the CORE, or “The magic that will get you more customers and will make them happy”.

If you are looking for some cheap and dirty web agency, “FLY, YOU FOOL!”, this is no place for you.

We believe that it’s not the amount of work that defines a good agency, but the quality. Everything we do is bespoke, or, almost everything, we always try to achieve the best solutions for our clients, so they will have more power in future choices for their websites, and, we do not have to work with some really really bad code written from some evil plugin developer.

Wanna get to work?

Drop us a line with your requirements and what you expect from your website, we will read carefully your requests and we will contact you back.